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When you finally get that Ford, GMC, or Chevy in the driveway, it seems like all your dreams have come true. But then you see a truck or jeep just like yours cruising smoothly down the road, much higher, more intimidating, and definitely more suited to take on any rough terrain. Now, you want that for your truck or jeep too. What you actually need are suspension lift kits or a body lift.

Read on for all you need to know about truck and jeep lift kits.

What is a lift kit?

A lift kit is replacement for your truck's original springs and shocks. These replacements literally lift your ride and give it more power. A jeep or truck with a lift kit can transverse rough terrain and tackle more on the road.

Why should you lift your jeep?

This question becomes necessary when considering a lift kit installation. Make no mistake, it’s not mandatory to lift your sweet Ford, Chevy, or whichever jeep/truck you have got. A lift kit installation is hard work and does require professional attention to both carry it out and maintain the installation. However, here are the reasons why you might lift your jeep.

  • Style

It really is a solid reason considering how stylish, intimidating, attractive, and bold your jeep becomes after the transformation. People can’t help but stare at a lifted rig. If you can only picture this and the joy you will feel right after, then you know you need no other reason to add suspension lift kits to your rig.

  • Performance

Off-roading is a sure reason to lift your jeep. The terrain is particularly rough and you don’t know what you must encounter. Adding a suspension lift kit makes it easier to drive through that rocky path and enjoy your off-roading trip, camping, or even regular drive around the city.

Leveling Kits

While we are talking about suspension lift kits and body lifts, there are leveling kits. A leveling kit is just that, it ensures everything sits at a level. Leveling kits are usually never more than an inch or two in lift height. Body lifts provide similar lift and suspension lifts kits can go higher.


What to look out for when choosing jeep lift kits.

  • The additional modifications that may occur – When upgrading your vehicle with jeep lift kits, some components of the vehicle may require replacement or modifications. Experienced technicians like those at Top Edge can provide insight on this.

  • Weight – Weight becomes a factor because larger tires are much heavier. This new weight puts an additional strain on your suspension.

  • The new way of handling – Suspension lifts kits always raise the center of gravity of the jeep or truck. This makes turning less stable. It is mostly unavoidable but still nothing too serious as you will get familiar with it.

At Top Edge, we bring over 18 years of being in business to the table. Our experts and technicians are always ready to provide the help you need. Reach out for insights and your lift kit installation.