Top Edge Car Audio Installation - What to expect?

How would you like to spend those long hours in your car? Bored and quiet or connected with great sound? Yes, you would choose the latter.

Top Edge is a leading automobile company who offer complete service in the sales and installation of car and truck parts. We have been at it since 2002, serving the Colorado area. We are well known for our top brands and aftermarket parts, flawless installs, and excellent service.

Make your car sound better than it ever did with our Top Edge car audio installation service. We offer professional car stereo installation services to give our clients the peace of mind, comfort, and sound they need. We keep everything 100% authentic.


Amplifier installation

Don’t think you need an amplifier with your car speakers? You may have the wrong idea. Amplifiers give you better quality sound not just a loud bass. Let our experts do the magic trick for you with our service.

Replace Speakers

Choose from our wide stock of quality aftermarket car speakers. Find something tailored your vehicle’s needs and get our experts on the job. We provide the best speakers at the most suitable price points with installations services to match.

Subwoofers installation

The key is to compliment your sound system not overpower it and that is what subwoofers do. Don’t fret about adding subwoofers when you have got seasoned experts to both advise and install your unit flawlessly.

Top Edge Difference

Our seasoned experts are the best technicians in the industry. We take pride in the complete authentic service we offer with both car audio parts and experts to install. Stop by for a car audio installation near you and experience this Top Edge difference. Rest assured of your safety and confidence in the most experienced and well-trained hands. Dig into our premium quality products from top brands like CD players, Bluetooth devices, touchscreens, car stereos, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, in-dash navigation, car speakers, subwoofers or sub, subwoofer boxes, Alpine products, Kicker products, JL Audio, Focal products, and JVC.