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4X4s are easily every owner’s dream. We take pride in your vehicle just as much as you do too. This translates to offering you only quality parts and installation service quite unlike what you would find anywhere.

Top Edge stocks a fine collection of aftermarket truck accessories and products such as 4 wheel parts, lift kits, tuners, wheels, tires, exhaust, nerf bars, bumpers, tonneau covers, hitches, 5th wheel hitches, and more.

Do you work in your truck? Choose the right work truck accessories and parts from our featured wide range of retailers and manufacturers.

Get parts and installations tailored to our precise need and vehicle. Trust us to ensure your safety, comfort, and vehicle efficiency.

4x4 wheels

We encourage you to pick your 4x4 wheels and tires based on function, performance, and safety. Picking based on looks may seem easy and important but it is not a dependable choice. Your two major options for 4x4 wheels are aluminum and steel. Aluminum wheels are rust-resistant and tend to keep your brakes cooler. They cost more than their steel counterpart which is prone to rust but stronger and durable.

4x4 accessories

From needing to pimp your offroad vehicle to simply updating for performance, we keep you covered. The need for truck accessories never ends after all. Invest in quality nerf bars, suspension and steering parts, truck parts, jeep parts, lift kits, tuners, bumpers, hitches, and more. Invest wisely from a dependable source and the most recognized and trusted brands.

4X4 installation

Top Edge offroad shop does more than provide the right parts. We install giving you a complete and efficient service. Enjoy the benefits of having the best technicians to consult with, inspect, repair, maintain, and install 4x4 parts in your car. We thrive on honesty, professionalism, and customer service. Your needs become our needs and your safety and satisfaction are a top priority at Top Edge. Visit our offroad shop near you in Colorado.