Car Audio Options - Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at Top Edge

Car Audio - Apple CarPlay and Android Auto In-dash Touchscreen Receivers

In your car audio game following recent technological developments, you can have one of these three options; Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and whatever default setting your infotainment system came with. Of these three, only the first two are your real options except of course you hope to have the most boring and inefficient experience driving and using your phone.

Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mirror similar features from mobile devices to a compatible in-dash infotainment system. They are touchscreen receivers and also use voice control. Check out more information below on these car audio apps.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay was launched in 2014 and has been a top player in the automotive industry ever since. In a nutshell, CarPlay is the perfect solution for drivers who own iPhones. It is a convenient way to use the most important parts of your phone such as music, messages, GPS, and more.

With this innovation, motorists can make calls, listen to music, read and send messages, get accurate directions, and more. The features are super easy to use and the icons are large to be easily recognizable.

You can access these awesome features on CarPlay with Siri. The aim of an app like the Apple CarPlay is to reduce distractions and increase safe driving. Third-party apps that are compatible with CarPlay include Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, WhatsApp, Tidal, Amazon Music, Waze, and CBS Radio.

Cars that are compatible with Apple CarPlay are some basic cars and supercars. These include models like the Chevrolet Spark, Volvo, Chevrolet, Honda, BMW, Porsche, and Ford. Some cars support wireless Apple CarPlay and others require a physical connection.

Android Auto

Android Auto is a mobile app created by Google. Unlike Apple CarPlay which is centered on iPhones, Android Auto is based on mirroring Android devices. It functions in the same way as the Apple CarPlay giving access to features like music, SMS, GPS navigation, calls, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and web search. It supports touchscreens, button-controlled units, and voice commands which is really the most important feature for a true hands-free and distraction-free experience. Android Auto is available in 36 countries. Wireless Android Auto is also available to save you the hassle of plugging your phone as the app launches in the car stereo as soon as you step into the vehicle.


On a car stereo, both apps provide intuitive layouts, handy information like weather updates, and even organize the tabs based on relevance. With voice commands, you can truly go hands-free and tell the app what you need like sending a message, the direction to a certain place, the music to play, and more. 

If you are missing out on these, there’s no time like now to join the bandwagon and enjoy rides more.