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Driver Safety

The roads belong to all of us but just because you obey the rules doesn’t mean the next driver will. And even if everyone does obey the rules, sometimes unforeseen circumstances contribute to the factors that make roads unsafe. Hence, as a driver, the need to ensure your safety and that of your passengers cannot be overemphasized.

In the past, a lot of things were not as efficient as they are now and the difference is all in one word – technology.

Technology has made driver safety much easier with things like blind spot monitoring, rearview mirror cameras, GPS tracking, Bluetooth connections, and much more. Keep reading these lines to know just how backup cameras and blind spot monitoring systems ensure your safety.


Backup Cameras

If you have been keeping up on automobile news, you would know that as of May 2018, federal law required all vehicles to be equipped with rearview monitoring technology. This means that if your car was purchased before 2018, backup camera installation may be in order. And it also explains why a vehicle purchased after the stated date would come with backup cameras.

Now, you might be wondering what happened to good old-fashioned rearview mirrors? The short answer is, they were not enough. Rearview mirrors are just mirrors at the end of the day and they have setbacks. This includes not being able to cover a wide angle and the statistics of death and accidents related to this drawback has been alarming.

Backup cameras expand your field of vision thus preventing accidents and injury. They help you park better, driver safer, and so on.


Blind spot monitoring systems

A blind spot monitoring systems is just what it sounds like. It is a system that allows you to see things that were otherwise in your blind spot. The monitoring system makes use of sensors to detect vehicles by your side and rear. Some of these systems work on lane departure by keeping you from changing lanes in a dangerous situation. The monitoring system alerts the driver with lights or alarms. Some advanced systems also alert you by subtly taking over and preventing a dangerous turn, swerve, and so on. You can override this by driving more forcefully. The top benefit of this system is overall increased safety and quick responses that may be the difference between life and death.

Other safety technology

Bluetooth Hands-free

Using or talking on a wireless phone while driving is against the law in 15 states with 38 states having restrictions for phone use by drivers.

Bluetooth hands-free kits are either universal or vehicle-specific. They help you avoid the danger of using wireless phones while driving. Depending on what you have or purchase you can enjoy a wide range of use that is indeed hands-free.

Some new cars come with various driver safety tech. However, you can always upgrade your vehicle with aftermarket systems which work just as well. After purchasing, you will need a professional for Backup Camera Installation and/or Blind Spot Monitoring Installation in Montrose, CO and the entire Colorado area.