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Auto Repair - Brakes & Brake Repair

When something goes wrong with your vehicle, nothing hurts more than choosing a mechanic that takes you for a ride. This is why Top Edge guarantees you the best and a complete auto repair service. One of those services includes brake repair. What is so important about brakes and what do you need to know about brake repair? Read on to discover.


A car’s brake system.

Your car’s brake system is a group of parts that play the most critical role of keeping you safe. You can only drive safely when your car can equally stop safely. Hence, when the brakes need repair or maintenance, it is important to do this ASAP. 

Signs that you need a mechanic in Denver for brake repair or inspection.

  • When the pedal of your car has to drop down to the floor before the car can slow.

  • You hear squealing, grinding or screeching noises when using the brake pad.

  • The brakes have a soft or spongy feel when you press the pedal.

  • You have to hold the wheel tighter when you use the brakes because the car pulls.

  • You need extra room to be able to bring your vehicle to a full stop.

  • The car vibrates when you use the brakes.

  • The car pulls to the left or the right when you use the brakes.

  • The steering wheel shakes when you use the brake pad.

  • Your car wobbles or pulses when you are driving at a highway speed.

  • Your brakes haven’t been inspected in over a year or you have driven up to 12,000 miles since the last inspection.

  • The brake warning light located on your car’s dashboard comes on and also stays on.

  • Your brake pedal responds slowly, not at all, or requires excess pressure.

  • You are near or past the recommended number of miles between brake fluid exchanges.

Brake Repair Services

A brake service can include a lot of things especially as your car’s brake system is quite complex. The truth is, brakes can wear out. They were never designed to last forever. Brakes work by rubbing the brake pads on the brake disk to bring the car to a stop. Hence most brake problems are related to a worn out brake pad. Brake inspections always help to identify exactly what is wrong and determine if a repair or replacement is needed. Yearly inspections are ideal to keep your brakes working smoothly. You can depend on the best mechanic in Denver to provide brake inspection and repair services.

How to prevent frequent braking problems.

  • Don’t ride your brakes. Always slow down with moderate pressure.

  • Keep your braking system and wheels clean. Don’t let dirt or dust build up on them.

  • When driving on steep grades, you can downshift to save your car brakes. Be sure to do this under the right traction conditions.

There are several mechanics to choose from, but choosing one with a guarantee of clean and honest auto repair service is important for your safety and pocket health.