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Why Tint Your Windows?


Window films generally reduce fading of carpeting and fabrics by about 70% (more or less, depending upon the film used) by reducing the amount of UV, heat and visible light transmitted through your windows. Our most common residential films, for example, will reduce the UV by 99.9%, the HEAT by 57%, and the GLARE by 58%.

Window Films can significantly reduce heat gain in any confined area. While the amount of reduction will vary, dependant upon the situation, it's not unusual to see the temperature reduced by 10-15 degrees in a house, and 40-50 degress in a confined automobile!

Window Film reduces glare as much as 85%, or more. While it's not possible to completely eliminate the sun's glare, without removing its access to the area, proper use of window tinting film can substantially reduce the glare.


Only the best experienced window tinters here!    Your tint job will be done perfect and backed with a lifetime warranty!  Don't let some rookie tint your ride and you end up with bubbled tint turning purple in a year!  Have it done right the first time!  All back glass done in one sheet!!!  Only lifetime warranty tint installed here.  No cheap tint!



Lifetime warranty on all our tint work!

Auto or Home Window Tinting!