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The one question we hear all the time is "What product can I install that will give me the best performance upgrade?" Of course you can install a turbocharger or supercharger system or convert your engine, but most people are interested in more affordable bolt-on products available from the aftermarket. What REALLY works in is affordable is do the following three.  Install cold air intake, install larger exhaust system, and install a programmer!


Add ons that work.  We recommend installing a cold air intake to allow the vehicle to breathe better.  Next install a more open exhaust system to allow that increased air flow to escape.  Finally, install a programmer to get the best performance gains from the add ons you just installed.  The stock computer doesn't take advantage of the increased air coming in.  Today's trucks have a lot of power already.  This is going to give you better fuel economy and make your truck a lot more fun to drive and tow!

Stop by the Top Edge showroom today and speak with a sales associate on how you to can make your truck perform better, get better fuel economy, and have more horsepower.  It's a gain/gain situation.  You get the best of both worlds, better fuel economy and more horsepower!