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Top Edge can help your summer vacation!  With the right equipment installed you will keep your family safe on the road and enjoy your time off! 

Enjoy your time off.  Let us help get you there safe! We install the perfomance upgrades to help your truck tow better.  We have the best hitches on the market to help your trailer tow smooth.  We have the grill guards to protect your vehicle from road hazards.  We have the aftermarket lights for safer night driving!  Certified installers to install all your product!

Install a cold air intake for added horsepower and better fuel economy.  Top Edge has them all!

After you install your cold air intake don't forget to install your exhaust system.  Let that increased air intake get out and not be restricted!  Top Edge has all the top brands of exhaust systems!

Your ready for a programmer after the cold air intake and exhaust.  Your stock computer doesn't take full advantage of the increased air flow and new exhaust.  With the programmer you get maximum horsepower and fuel economy!

Get an Air Lift air bag suspension installed!  This will enhance your vehicles ride and handling!  Eliminates several towing problems including bottoming out, sway, and loss of steering control.  

Weight distribution hitches make a huge difference when towing a travel trailer!  Keep your family safe and get the proper equipment installed on your vehicle and travel trailer. Top Edge has the top weight distribution hitches!  Certified installers!