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Look Familiar?  You see it everyday commuting to and from work.  Your tired and not paying attention to your speed or they are in a zone that just dropped in speed and you didn't notice.  Next thing you know you are paying a fine for what you just made working hard all day for.  Let us help that be a thing of the past!  We stock and install radar detectors!  We have radar detectors, laser detectors, radar jammers, and laser jammers!  We even have GPS radars for speed camera traps!

Rocky Mountain Radar is one of our best sellers!  Built right here in the USA, not China!  These units come with radar detector, lasar detector, radar jammer/scrambler, and laser jammer/scrambler!  They are so confident that these work that they come with a speeding ticket rebate!  If you get a speeding ticket with one of these installed they will pay it!  

Top Edge is your source for RADAR DETECTORS in Montrose, Co!