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Nite-Lux LED Kit


• 100% High Temperature Nylon construction

• Newest & most advanced LED Kit available in the world

• Packed with technology Constant Current CPU, EMC (anti-interference)

• Miniaturized lamp, tower, and ballast, 40% reduction in size

• High Lumen output - 2500 lumens each

• A Putco exclusive 100% COPPER (Cu) Weave cloth heat-sink

• Copper cloth heat-sink allows for installation in compact places

• No noisy fan which is prone to failure

• Cree LED

• 360 Degree Light Output

• IP68 IP65 Shock Proof

• Lifespan > 50,000 hours

Top Edge in Montrose, Colorado is your source for all your LED lighting needs!  LED light bars, LED fog lights, LED driving lights, LED replacement bulbs, LED underbody kits, and LED headlight conversion kits!  LED is the way to go!  Top Edge stocks and installs all top brands and rock bottom pricing!  We'll match any online price!  Stop by Top Edge in Montrose, Colorado today for all your LED lighting needs!  MECP certified installation!


Here are the main points broken down even further:

1. First of all, HID and LED aren’t necessarily better than one another, they’re just different. You need to understand both products then decide what you want.

2. As of right now each brand is only offering 1 power level, where with HID you can get 15w, 35w, 55w, 75w and 100w. I imagine this will change in the future, but right now LED is only available in one size per manufacturer.

3. As of right now LED headlight kits are only offered in two color choices: 5,000K or 6,000K and most manufacturers are only offering one color. If you want a special color like gold or purple, maybe HID is more your style.

4. HID bulbs take anywhere from 4 to 15 seconds to fully “warm up” and get to their full light output level. On the contrary LED headlight kits are “instant on” and require no warmup time.

5. Single beam HID kits and single beam LED kits are equally plug and play as another. HID bulbs are smaller, so in some cases they’re easier to install. But when it comes to dual beam kits, LED is way easier to install. A dual beam (aka Bi-Xenon) will require a relay harness ran to the battery, and ballasts mounted and wired up at each headlight. The same bulb in an LED kit will be plug and play just like it’s single beam counterpart.

6. A lot of people are concerned about adding heat to their housings when doing headlight upgrades, especially when looking at replacing a low power bulb in a fog light with an HID. Now with LED it’s not an issue. LED headlight kits are almost half as hot as an HID bulb.

7. LED bulbs draw 2.33 amps at 23 watts and HID bulbs draw 4 amps at 35 watts. This is not really an issue for modern vehicles, but if you’re considering an install on an older vehicle with a weak electrical system, this power saving from the LED headlight might be desirable.

8. Considering that you wouldn’t ever have a defective bulb, by the time you went through one LED headlight kit bulb you could have gone through up to 15 HID kit bulbs. The longevity of LED is HUGE compared with HID.

9. Right now the best LED headlight kits produce roughly 2,600 Lumens of light per bulb, whereas a standard 35w HID bulb can produce up to 3,500 Lumens of light. This is the biggest benefit to sticking with HID. However, in the near future we could be seeing LED conversion kits that more than double that of a traditional HID kit.

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