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Kid's Aid Backpack Item Suggestions

Easy Mac n Cheese (microwaveable) - single serving sizes Instant oatmeaI packets

Cereal boxes (single serving size - the little boxes or cup containers)

Fruit cups

Applesauce cups

Fruit snacks (the less sugar the better)

Cheese crackers w/peanut butter

Bumble Bee tuna salad w/crackers & spoon (they also have chicken and ham salads)

Packages of nuts or trail mix

Granola bar

Cereal bars

Protein bars

Jif to go peanut butter

Ritz stacks crackers



Chef Boyardee (microwaveable cups) -

single serving size Lipton cup a soups

Ramen noodles

Vienna sausages

Beenie and weenies

Pudding cups




(All items need to be non-perishable, single servings, easy to open and microwaveable (if need to be heated up). 

Another great non profit to support in Montrose!

See list for food donations to go to Kid's aid.  Thanks for supporting one of the many great non profits in Montrose!