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Top Edge is certified by the state of Colorado to provide you with a breathalzyer to regain your driver's license. Top Edge is your source for helping you get back on the road!  Quick install times!  Recallibration every 60 days takes less then 10 minutes!


Intoxalock® For Your License. Alcohol interlock system installation in Montrose Colorado.


If you have one or more drunk driving offenses and need an ignition interlock to regain your driving privileges, you have come to the right place. The Intoxalock® has a complete program for helping you obtain your temporary, occupational, or restricted license. Our highly trained staff can help you get your license back.


Top Edge is a certified provider of ignition interlock devices in Colorado and has a convenient installation location in Montrose Colorado!


Most trusted interlock provider

Whether you’re ready to get started now or want to learn more about ignition interlocks, we’re here every step of the way.


Our helpful representatives are available 24/7 to guide you through your state’s process and connect you with an installer that’s close to home.


We’ve got you covered. Call 888-283-5899 and let’s get started.

How much does an ignition interlock cost?

Ignition interlocks generally cost between $60 and $90 a month to lease with your initial installation costing between $70 and $100. The actual cost varies depending on many factors.


What is the cheapest ignition interlock device?

The pricing on ignition interlocks is consistent among national companies. Companies claiming they are the cheapest tend to cut corners and lack the customer service and care needed for an easy and successful ignition interlock experience. The average interlock costs $2.15 per day but a poor installation could end up costing you a lot more.


Intoxalock - The best value

When looking at ignition interlock pricing, you’ll want to consider what the provider offers for the cost. Intoxalock’s pricing is always affordable and provides the best value to customers:


More locations than any other provider

Most reliable technology

Easiest to use device (one button, no humming)

Top-rated customer service available 24/7